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Here you can find some of the events, hui and activities we’ve had before – and what we’ve got coming up.

Upcoming events

Our changing district

Tuesday 13th October from 10am – 12 noon.

Knox Presbyterian Church, 83 Domain Road, Whakatane.

There seems to be so much going on in our district as a result of the national government’s largesse.

Firstly the Provincial Growth Fund injected millions of dollars into projects in the Eastern Bay. Then, hot on its heels, came the Covid19 response fund set up to ensure we can keep people employed on ‘shovel ready’ projects.

Feeling dizzy with the pace of change, we invited Mayor, Judy Turner, to a meeting to let us know how she is keeping pace with it all, and to acquaint us old timers with the changing nature of the Eastern Bay.  

She’s accepted our invitation, so do come to listen and ask questions. This is a public meeting so feel free to bring a friend.

Understanding Dementia

10.30am on  Tuesday 22nd September (speaker from 11am)

St David’s Church Hall, Edgecumbe.

There’s so much to know and learn to ensure we support people with dementia with love and care so we invited Gina Jones, educator of Alzheimers Eastern bay to be our guest speaker at our next Edgecumbe meeting.

Don't just sit there, move...

10.30am on Tuesday 27th October (speaker from 11am)

St David’s Church Hall, Edgecumbe.

Sam Doogue is a man on a mission to keep us all out of rest homes as long as possible. He’s a physiotherapist who has completed research on this topic, so it pays to follow his advice if you want to age well in your own home. 

Affordable Funeral Service Hui

9.30am-3.30pm on Saturday 31 October 2020

Knox Church, 83 Domain Road, Whakatane

Our mission is to: Support choice. Providing guidance on family led, affordable and eco-friendly funerals/tangihanga in the Eastern Bay.

Want to come?  Please let us know for catering purposes.

A koha towards costs of the kai and venue would be welcomed.

Honey Thrupp   312 9757 or 027 392 0459 or

Ruth Gerzon   027 430 8149 or email


Regular events

Whakatane Coffee Mornings

On Mondays weekly coffee mornings 

10.30am – 12 noon at Knox Presbyterian Church, Domain Road, Whakatane

Open to all.

Taneatua Coffee Mornings

On Wednesdays, fortinightly coffee mornings. 

10.30am – 12 noon at 29 Morrison Street (Church Building).

Open to all.

Advanced Care Planning

More members are keen to note down what they would like to happen if they are no longer able to communicate their wishes. This way we get to keep some control, and give guidance to family, doctors or friends who may end up making decisions for us after a stroke or other health event. 

Lee Walters of the DHB is promoter and guide to this excellent process. She comes over to the Eastern Bay regularly so we can arrange for you to meet her and get her support to fill out the forms. Email or phone us if you want a booklet, or to find out when Lee will be next over this way.  


Past events

Oranga Kai/Just Cook Programme

Members enjoyed the chance to share their skills and time with seniors/pakeke in the Oranga Kai/Just Cook programme. We run this in partnership with the Nutrition Foundation.

In February Ōhotu marae hosted the four sessions, with some Whakatāne members joining those in the valley. Ruatoki member, Molly Turnbull wrote a waiata and facilitated the sessions and Paula Hocken became chief cook. But it wasn’t all about food. Emaraina Milroy, a young 90, was always up and dancing and Wilma Cairns got everyone else moving. 


In May/June, as lockdown ended with some people still reluctant to venture out, this programme morphed into Oranga Kai @Home. We delivered nutrition information, recipes, cooked food and ingredients so people could try new recipes at home.  People were keen to try something new and to learn more about nutrition – it helped alleviate the boredom that came to many at the end of lockdown.

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